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Read. Write…and now CREATE and SHARE…

Few of you would bake a cake and not eat it. Most of you, especially if you are proud of your cake, would want to share your cake.

This is basically the idea behind your Odyssey Portfolio.  Create something awesome. Share it.

A good protfolio is more than cut and paste. It is thoughful design. Rethinking. Redoing. Reimagining.

Anything can be made better.

And that is a good metaphor for life….

Here are  couple of suggestions “if” you are interested.

Every museum has a main door, and that door is usually pretty interesting. I would consider using a separate page or even a blog as your welcome page. However, it should not be a blog with a bunch of posts, but rather a page that introduces and welcome readers/viewers to your Odyssey Portfolio. It may even be a place where you can put the video you have yet to create.

Consider making a page or pages for your writing pieces. It could be one page that a reader can scroll thorugh; it could be several different pages collated with analysis on one page, reflections on another, etc–or you could have a separate page for each writing piece.

The bottom line is that this is your portfolio, and it should refelct your taste, skills, and content.

We will have time to work on this in class on Friday, too.