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This was certainly not an ideal way for us to start the year, but we will make the best of it.  From here on in, this site will be a place you need to visit and comment on in a regular way. I will be posting your upcoming assignments and grades on Finalsite, but the details, rubrics, videos, and other essential information will always be here. I will do my grading and commenting on iTunes U. I am sure you will find iTunes U to be an easy place to create and submit your work. I used iTunes this summer with my students and it worked flawlessly.

If I post something in the Freshman English category (assignments and posts) I do expect you to read it and post a comment that at least lets me know you have read and thought about what is posted.

We will spend some time in class getting your Weebly sites up and running again. If you do not have one, let me know, and I will create one for you.

I am pretty pumped for the year. If you have read this far, let me know how your summer reading was!

See you on Monday!