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I hope today’s presentation of the narrative paragraph rubric made some sense. There are certainly many ways to write paragraphs–and my way is one way.  But it is a good and effective way to learn and practice the essentials skills of writing a full-bodied and compelling paragraph.

Use the rubric I uploaded to iTunes U. If for some reason, you cannot access it, go to my Narrative Rubric Page and use the resources there to guide you in writing a paragraph that has a compelling theme that is present in an experience you had at Camp Caribou.

You do not need to finish the paragraph–but I will expect it to be done by the end of class tomorrow, so get a decent start on it tonight.

Your essay needs to be five paragraphs long, which means it will need three body paragraphs. Each paragraph can explain a different theme or each paragraph can more deeply explore a single theme. That is up to you.

Bring the work work you accomplish tonight to class tomorrow as a Pages document.

Any questions???