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This is your class work and homework until exam time.
For the mid-year exam, create a five paragraph essay that explicates one or more major themes that are present in the first twelve books of The Odyssey.
Use the rubrics provided for this essay. This will be our homework and class work for the week. The final essay must be posted and completed the day before the exam, but you should be done well in advance of this!
This essay will be the major component of your mid-year exam. During the exam time, we will read, review each other’s portfolio an write a metacognition.
We will NOT be creating a video as there is not enough time to do it well.

Due Thursday, December 17th.

  1. Using the Literary Analysis Paragraph Rubric, write three paragraphs explicating themes from The Odyssey. Weave them together using my “Transition Techniques.”
  2. Using one of my “Techniques for Opening Paragraphs,” create an opening paragraph that introduces the theme or themes in a compelling way.
  3. Using my “Tri-Colon Concluding Paragraph Rubric” create a closing paragraph for your essay.
  4. Proofread, Peer Review and Publish to your portfolio before Thursday, December 17th as a blog post and to your Odyssey Portfolio. Turn in to iTunes U as a pdf.