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You guys are a great class. I mean that sincerely. What you do need to work on is getting your work turned in when and how I want it turned in.

By this point you should have turned in the Literary Reflections for the class periods so far this week. We can work on the next one in your next class. It is frustrating when the work is not there to be graded “when” I am doing the grading. It is frustrating when you do not comment on my blog posts as I have no idea whether you read them or not and if you have any questions.

The semester is winding down and these reflections are your final grades–an easy sixteen points in my book.

All you need to do is to write sincerely using “paragraphs;” use quotes to back up your thoughts, and spend a bit of time editing and proofreading and you turn in a pdf which looks good and reads fluidly and naturally–like your voice when you speak with me. Post it to your blog and make sure it looks just as good!

If you put in the time and effort now, you will be amply rewarded when we begin our next major essay after break.

Did you read this and get it. For your comment all you need to do is write a number between 50 and 100. Nothing else.

If you don’t, you have “failed” this test!

And you will be sad…

(These 250 words or so took me five minutes to write)