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We are not finishing Walden, but we are finishing a good chunk of some of Thoreau’s influential passages and philosophical statements. 

Before class on Thursday, upload the full abbrieviated Walden 1-4 and read the “rest” of the book slowly and deliberately. Highlight what you feel is the most important sentence or section from each paragraph. Restate (riff) it in your own words.  You must be able to show me your work. If you reach an hour’s time working on this, you may stop and finish it for Friday.

We will discuss these paragraphs in class and try to discover the most basic “things” that Thoreau is trying to get at. 

We will use these “things” to begin an essay that explicates several themes from the parts of Walden we have read–“or” you can focus on a single theme developed in one of the four chapters.