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We will learn Comma Rules 7 & 8 and 9 & 10

And we will write a couple of journal entries.

And we will start our study of The Art of Storytelling.

Monday: Learn, study and practice comma rules 7- 8 in class. I will go over these rules, and you can take the quizzes with a partner. Upload and complete a metacognition. Try to get beyond complaining about the quizzes and explore your experience in a more reflective way that enters more around how “you” learn—or don’t learn—in situations like this, and just as importantly, how you can best learn these rules.

And you do have to learn them, even if you have to go beyond what I ask you to do.

Classwork: Complete metacognition and upload to iTunes U.


  • Read “The Most Dangerous Game.” Upload the story from iTunes U and read and annotate in iBooks. I will go over in class what I mean by “annotate,” which is essentially using the techniques outlined in the active reading rubric.

Tuesday: We will go over the techniques for using the “Personal Reading Response Rubric,” and we will begin a study of “Literary Terms,” which will help us as we learn how to effectively write about literature.


  • Complete “Reading Response #1,” which will be posted as an assignment on iTunes U. Upload the completed rubric to iTunes U; moreover, post the completed response on your blog as a Fitz-style entry.

Wednesday: We will continue our study of literary terms and take the quizzes on my Quizlet page. You can find this on my Vocabulary Page.

Classwork: Complete “Literary Terms Metacognition” and post to iTunes U.


  • Complete the metacognition for “The Most Dangerous Game” assignments.

Thursday & Friday: I will give you time for journaling and commenting and completing unfinished work.


  • Post & Comment

If you finish all of this, there will be no homework over the long weekend.