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Now for something completely different!

Sherman Alexie is a real “different” kind of writer than Thoreau, and he engages my senses and my intellect in a different–but equally powerful–way.  Alexie makes me laugh a lot more than Thoreau, and he makes me ponder different things than Thoreau makes me ponder; however, both writers set out to do (and succeed) the same thing: both of them, through the power of persuasive writing, enable their readers to think differently and ponder life deeply, which makes for great literature.

Alexie is, however, a heck of a lot easier to read. If you are “stumped” in any way, go here to learn more about the book, its major themes and character analysis.

This week we will be reading “The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian” and writing our own story using a similar tone and voice as Sherman Alexie uses in his novel.
In the process, we will also be discussing writing techniques, effective punctuation practice and the art of the short story.
In the end, hopefully you will have a good story of your own and a good reading experience behind you!
Your story should be based on the experiences of a poor kid attending a rich school. 
Use a voice similar to the voice in the novel we are reading.
We will spend each class reading, writing and practicing. Homework will include reading and short story writing.