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I trust you are having fun today at the Statehouse, though it does mean that one section of 8th grade missed both Monday and Tuesday. It is important, however, that you start working on your essay–or at least commenting on my previous blog post that you know what is coming.

It is a bit like the straits of Skylla and Charybdis–there is not a great option, but sail ahead you must.

My hope is for all of you to finish three literary analysis paragraphs this week. You may use one you already completed as a team analysis–so you really only have to write two paragraphs.

If you are wise and proactive, you can complete most of your essay well ahead of time, so next week will be that much easier for you.

The due dates in iTunes U are fluid and are only meant to try and keep you on track. Simply by turning in your three paragraphs before the end of class Friday will earn you points.

PLEEEEEEZZZZZEEEE watch the literary analysis video or read the iBook attached the assignments if you are at all unsure of what to do.

You are not being asked to do anythng you have not already done before!