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Assignments: Details will be posted

Class One:

  1. Classwork: Upload Podcast and post “Where I am From” poem to your blog.  Post Book XXII Reflection to your blog: Due during class on Monday
  2. Homework: Read Book XXIII: 

Class Two:

  1. Classwork: Read Book XXIV & Harkness Discussion
  2. Homework: Write final “Odyssey Metacognition”  Write yoru metacognition in the form of a poem that uses the same style as Fagles translation of The Odyssey. Write for at least 40 Minutes straight–hopefully at least 500 words. Post to your blog.

Class Three: 

  1. Classwork: Introduction to “A Poet’s Life.”
  2. Homework: Read and write poetry…

Class Four:

  1. Classwork: Poetry Workshop
  2. Homework: Read and write poetry


  1. Continue “A Poet’s Life”