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Wednesday: Introduction to Iambic Poetry

  • Class period #1: Complete iambic dimeter poem


  • Iambic Dimeter: Complete second Iambic dimeter poem.  The first stanza creates the image.  The second or third stanza creates the twist.
  • Post completed poems to your blog. Each poem should have a title.
  • Consider workin gon blog entries


Thursday/Friday: Iambic Trimeter

  • Class period #2: Complete Iambic trimeter poem:


  • Class period #1: Iambic Tetrameter. Complete Iambic tetrameter poem worksheet

Homework: Blogging

  1. Blog Entry#1: Using vivid imagery, humor, paragraphing and exageration, write a 300 word blog entry about how to “make” something. Due Monday
  2. Blog Entry #2: Use the narrative paragraph rurbic and Adobe Voice to write a paragraph about one of the stupidest ideas you ever had. Due Tuesday
  3. Blog Entry #3: Adobe Voice. Explicate a poem using the Literary Analysis Paragraph Rubric. Due Friday.