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I am looking forward to going over your poems with all of you in class in front of the class. From what I have seen, the palm is a pretty good; however, I think we need to work on where to create stanza breaks. Stanzas serve the same purpose as paragraphs. They signal the reader that there is a change in thought, tone and/or action. Sometimes they simply give the reader a break, a place to pause so they can think about what you have written.

No line should ever be longer than a reader (or you) can recite in a single, natural breath.
This week: Assignments and Projects
Class one: 
  • go over poems and learn how to create a podcast of your poem.
  • Homework: Read Book XX
Class Two: 
  • Create podcast
  • Homework: read Book XXI
Class Three:
  • Read Book XXII in class
  • Reading Reflection
Class Four:
  • Ketchup/commenting
  • Read Book XXIII